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Speak to a bi-lingual adviser

You can also speak to an adviser in your own language. Simply call the telephone number next to your language from those listed here. Lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (Punjabi and Urdu 9am to 8pm).

Contact numbers

  • Farsi 0800 093 1116
  • French 0800 093 1115
  • Gujarati 0800 093 1119
  • Polish 0800 093 1114
  • Punjabi 0800 093 1333
  • Somali 0800 093 1555
  • Sylheti 0800 093 1444
  • Urdu 0800 093 1118


Take a look at our Career Tools...

We have useful tools that can help you on your journey, click on an icon below to find out more about our other tools.

  • Skills Health Check Tools
    Skills Health Check Tools

    Complete these activities to find out what your strengths are, what motivates you at work and what you want from a job. The report you receive at the end will help you to choose the jobs that suit you the most.

    Explore our Skills Health Check Tools
  • CV Builder
    CV Builder

    Whether you’re writing your first CV or tweaking your existing one, we have the tools and guides to help. If you’re starting from scratch you can create a professional CV with our step-by-step CV Builder. If you’ve already got a CV, our in-depth CV advice section can give you some tips on how to wow employers and make yours really stand out from the crowd.

    Explore our CV Builder
  • Action Plan
    Action Plan

    It’s easier to reach your goal if you break it down into small steps. Our action planning tool can help you to put all the steps into the right order to give you a solid and reliable plan.

    Explore our Action Plan Creator
  • Learning Record
    Learning Record

    In today’s fast-changing world we need to keep our skills up to date. Our Learning Record can help you to keep track of the learning you’ve already done and store details of the courses you want to do next.

    Explore My Learning Record
  • My Funding Information
    My Funding Information

    If you’ve found a course and want to know if you’re eligible for funding, this is the place to go. Here you can view your previous funding searches, and keep track of how much you and the government have put towards your learning so far.

    Explore My Funding Searches

Before you call

As calls can take up to 30 minutes, here are some tips before you call:

  • think about what you want to talk about
  • set aside enough time for the call
  • phone from a quiet place
  • have a pen and paper for notes

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