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Training opportunities for 20,000 in hospitality

If you want to get into the hospitality industry, there’s a new employment drive that could help you. The Hospitality Guild, an umbrella organisation that supports and promotes skills development in the hospitality industry, has teamed up with Sector Skills Council People 1st to launch the Act NOW! campaign. It aims to raise awareness of the variety of careers in the industry and work with employers to create opportunities for 20,000 new entrants.

Suzy Jackson, executive director of the Hospitality Guild, said that the campaign was designed to meet the needs of people of all ages and all education levels.

“We want everyone to be able to take part, from someone that has never had a job before or never worked in hospitality, all the way up to someone that has recently completed an Advanced Apprenticeship.

“We’ve developed a series of five simple steps that people can take, regardless of their experience levels, because we wanted to create a campaign where people knew exactly what they were being asked to do when we say Act NOW!”

The five steps towards a hospitality career are:

  1. Register on the UKSP website (created by People 1st for information on careers in hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism) and find out about career opportunities in the sector and progression routes.
  2. Prepare for an apprenticeship and increase your chances of getting employed by carrying out pre-employment training.
  3. Take the first step into your new position with an Intermediate Apprenticeship in Hospitality.
  4. Discover how Apprenticeships can help develop your career with an Advanced Apprenticeship in Hospitality Management.
  5. Keep your career growing, with the Higher Apprenticeship in Hospitality Management and training to shape you into the leader of tomorrow.

Some participating employers are offering a guaranteed job interview to candidates who have completed a pre-employment training programme called Employment 1st.

You can find a list of places you can do the pre-employment training course on the UKSP website. There’s also more information about careers in hospitality, skills tests and a personality test that can suggest the hospitality job that might suit you most.

To find out which businesses guarantee an interview for anyone that has completed the Employment 1st programme, visit the Hospitality Guild website.

You can also read more about the Act NOW! campaign on their website.

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