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Public Service Interpreting (Legal Pathway) - Diploma

1. Qualification detail

2. Course description

The City of Liverpool College offers the DPSI with the legal. This is a post-graduate / Level 6 nationally recognised qualification from the Institute of Linguists and is much sought after in the interpreting profession. The course will run over 26 weeks beginning in November with exams in June which have to be taken, externally, in London. Course materials will be purchased from the Institute of Linguists website for you, though you may choose to order additional practice materials in your own language. The course will cover all aspects of legal public service interpreting by practising both oral and written translation from and to English and following exam formats; activities will include role plays, sight and written translations, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting techniques, glossary compilation, and study of the interpreter's code of practice. Successful candidates will gain registration on the National Register of Public Service Interpreters and Letters of Credit in the modules. Please note, the College does not accept the Advanced Learner Loan as payment for this course.

3. Entry requirements

Experience of working as an interpreter Interpreting qualifications, ideally at level 3. A high level of competency in English and qualifications at minimum of level 2. Qualification in another language at level 3 or above.

4. Equipment required

No equipment required

5. Assessment method

Not available

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No other date or venue available