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Cinema or theatre attendant Usher

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Cinema and theatre attendants help customers visiting entertainment shows.

Salary, a pound sign Salary: Variable average per year
Hours, a clock face Hours: Variable per week

1. Entry requirements

There are no set requirements, but experience of a customer service role could help you get a job.

You must be 18 or over for jobs that involve serving alcohol.

You could get into this job through an apprenticeship.

2. Skills required

You'll need:

  • customer service skills
  • maths skills to handle money

3. What you'll do

Your day-to-day duties could include:

  • checking tickets
  • showing people to their seats
  • selling programmes
  • selling refreshments from trays or kiosks during the interval
  • dealing with any problems or complaints
  • re-stocking the refreshment kiosks and trays
  • collecting litter and tidying up after a show

You may also work in the cinema or theatre's cafe, bar or box office.

4. Salary

Full-time staff may earn £11,000 to £13,000 a year, but most jobs are part-time and paid by the hour.

Hourly rates usually follow the National Minimum Wage.

These figures are a guide.

5. Working hours, patterns and environment

You'll usually work shifts, including evenings and weekends when most performances take place. Part-time work is more common than full-time.

You'll usually wear a uniform.

6. Career path and progression

You could become a cashier, team leader or manager.

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Last updated: 13 September 2018