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Human resources assistant HR assistant, personnel assistant

Human resources (HR) assistants provide admin support to the HR team within a company or organisation.

Salary, a pound sign Salary: £15,000 to £22,000 average per year
Hours, a clock face Hours: 35 to 40 per week

1. Entry requirements

Employers will usually expect you to have:

  • GCSEs in English and maths, or equivalent
  • computer skills
  • experience of office work

You may also find it useful to have qualifications in business administration. Some employers may expect you to have a qualification from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

The CIPD has more information about working in HR.

2. Skills required

You’ll need:

  • the ability to pay close attention to detail
  • good written and spoken communication skills
  • IT skills
  • a well organised approach to work
  • teamworking skills
  • the ability to work flexibly

3. What you'll do

Your day-to-day tasks may include:

  • answering enquiries
  • maintaining staff details on computer systems
  • writing documents like letters and reports
  • updating employee holiday and sickness records
  • recording discussions during disciplinary procedures
  • producing staff handbooks and newsletters
  • organising meetings and taking ‘minutes’
  • setting up recruitment and training events

4. Salary

Starter: £15,000 to £18,000

Experienced: £19,000

Highly Experienced: £22,000

These figures are a guide.

5. Working hours, patterns and environment

You’ll work 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Flexible hours, part-time and temporary work are widely available.

You’ll spend most of your time working in an office using a computer.

6. Career path and progression

With experience, you could become an HR officer or team leader.

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Last updated: 16 April 2018