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Job families
Job families

Footwear designer

Footwear designers create new designs and sample patterns for men's, women's and children's footwear.


Cartographers collect information about the geography of an area to design and produce maps, charts and pictures.

Motorsport engineer

Motorsport engineers design, build and test racing cars and bikes.

Architectural technologist

Architectural technologists manage all stages of the technical design and planning process of building projects.

Architectural technician

Architectural technicians with closely with architectural teams on the design process of building projects.

Foundry patternmaker

Foundry patternmakers use hand and machine tools to create full-size models for the moulds used in manufacturing.

Patent attorney

Patent attorneys decide if it’s worth applying for a patent on a new invention, design or process.


Signmakers design, make and fit signs for commercial and non-commercial use.

Fashion model

Fashion models promote clothing and accessory brands at fashion events and in magazines and digital media.

Ceramics designer-maker

Ceramics designer-makers design and create products made from clay.

Model maker

Model makers design and make 3D scale models to show how buildings or products will look.

Landscape architect

Landscape architects plan, design, create and manage the landscapes we live and work in.

Aerospace engineering technician

Aerospace engineering technicians design, build, test and repair civil and military aircraft.


Toolmakers make the precision tools that are used in manufacturing to create products and parts.

Energy engineer

Energy engineers work on the research, design and construction of power generation plants, and may be involved in drilling for gas and oil.


Architects design new buildings and the spaces around them, and work on the restoration and conservation of existing buildings.

Cake decorator

Cake decorators design, make and decorate cakes for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions.

Software developer

Software developers design, build and test computer programmes for business, education and leisure activities.

Jewellery designer-maker

Jewellery designers plan the style and pattern of jewellery, silverware and other decorative products.

Technical architect

Technical architects help plan, design and build IT systems for clients.