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Job families
Job families

Fashion model

Fashion models promote clothing and accessory brands at fashion events and in magazines and digital media.

Airport information assistant

Airport information assistants help and support passengers in airports.

Tourist information centre assistant

Tourist information centre assistants give information to visitors on transport, tourist attractions and local services and activities.

Primary care graduate mental health worker

Primary care graduate mental health workers provide treatment and support to people with mental health problems.

Roofing labourer

Roofing labourers help qualified roofers to repair and replace slate, tile and flat roofs.

Large goods vehicle driver

Large goods vehicle (LGV) and heavy goods vehicle (HGV) lorry drivers transport and deliver goods between suppliers and customers.

Dog handler

Dog handlers work with a specially trained dog to help prevent and detect crime, find lost or missing people or protect property.

Glass engraver

Glass engravers use electrical and hand tools to create designs on glass.


Audiologists work with children and adults who suffer from hearing loss, tinnitus, or have problems with balance.

Occupational therapy support worker

Occupational therapy support workers work with occupational therapists to help sick, injured or old people to be as independent as possible.

Montessori teacher

Montessori teachers help very young children to grow in confidence, and learn at their own pace.

Technical architect

Technical architects help plan, design and build IT systems for clients.

Healthcare science assistant

Healthcare science assistants support healthcare science professionals.

Video editor

Video editors bring together images and sound for use in film, TV and online.

Chimney sweep

Chimney sweeps clean the chimneys of open fires, including coal, gas, oil and wood-fired heating systems.

Care worker

Care workers help vulnerable people to manage their daily activities and to live as independently as possible.

Community development worker

Community development workers help people to improve the quality of life in their local area.

Materials engineer

Materials engineers research the behaviour of materials used in industry to help make them stronger, lighter or more durable.

Sports scientist

Sports scientists use knowledge of how the body works to help people improve their health or sporting ability.


Homeopaths believe that you can use homeopathic remedies to stimulate the body to heal itself.