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Job families
Job families

Materials engineer

Materials engineers research the behaviour of materials used in industry to help make them stronger, lighter or more durable.

Community development worker

Community development workers help people to improve the quality of life in their local area.

Care worker

Care workers help vulnerable people to manage their daily activities and to live as independently as possible.


Optometrists test vision, identify eye health problems, prescribe glasses and fit contact lenses.


Stagehands help to get things ready on set for performances in the theatre, at concerts and in TV and film studios.

Video editor

Video editors bring together images and sound for use in film, TV and online.

Assistance dog trainer

Assistance dog trainers and instructors train dogs to help people maintain their independence.

Healthcare assistant

Healthcare assistants help look after patients in hospitals or in patients’ own homes.

IT support technician

IT technical support staff diagnose and solve software and hardware problems for computer users.

Social worker

Social workers help to protect vulnerable children and adults from harm or abuse, and support people to live independently.


Roadies help stage music concerts, setting up before the show, looking after instruments and packing away afterwards.

Physiotherapy assistant

Physiotherapy assistants help physiotherapists work with patients to restore or improve movement.

Steel fixer

Steel fixers install and tie together the steel bars and mesh used to strengthen concrete during construction.

Air traffic controller

Air traffic controllers give information and advice to airline pilots to help them take off and land safely and on time.

Heat treatment operator

Heat treatment operators clean, strengthen and soften metals, for use in component manufacturing.

Biomedical scientist

Biomedical scientists test patient samples, supporting doctors and healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat disease.

Motor vehicle breakdown engineer

Motor vehicle breakdown engineers help people whose vehicles have broken down.

Probation officer

Probation officers supervise people serving community and prison sentences, and help them to stay away from crime.

Social work assistant

Social work assistants give advice, guidance and support to help people with their physical, emotional and social needs.

Cycling coach

Cycling coaches help riders develop their cycling technique and understand more about cycling.