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Job families
Job families

IT security coordinator

IT security coordinators protect their clients' data from unauthorised access, theft and misuse.


Librarians run public and private libraries, managing access to books, multi-media resources and computers.

Security systems installer

Security systems installers fit and service electronic systems that detect intruders or control access to buildings and sites.

Social work assistant

Social work assistants give advice, guidance and support to help people with their physical, emotional and social needs.

Senior care worker

Senior care workers provide physical and emotional support to individuals and supervise teams of care assistants.

Electricity distribution worker

Electricity distribution workers maintain and repair the power lines that connect homes and businesses to the national grid.

Social media manager

Social media managers communicate with organisations’ customers and clients through social media channels.

Care worker

Care workers help vulnerable people to manage their daily activities and to live as independently as possible.

Town planning assistant

Town planning assistants process applications, give advice about regulations and carry out design work and office administration.

Tourist guide

Tourist guides show visitors around places of interest like cities, historic buildings and art galleries.

Nursery worker

Nursery workers help babies and children up to 5 years old to develop and learn in a safe and supportive environment.

Tour manager

Tour managers manage the travel arrangements of holidaymakers and business clients, and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Rail track maintenance worker

Rail track maintenance workers inspect and repair railway tracks, bridges, tunnels and viaducts.

Car manufacturing worker

Car manufacturing workers build motor vehicles by assembling parts on a production line.

Healthcare assistant

Healthcare assistants help look after patients in hospitals or in patients’ own homes.

Sewing machinist

Sewing machinists stitch pieces of material together to make clothing, accessories and soft furnishings.

Portage home visitor

Portage home visitors provide help at home for pre-school children with learning difficulties, physical disabilities or other special needs.

Social worker

Social workers help to protect vulnerable children and adults from harm or abuse, and support people to live independently.

Plastics process worker

Plastics process workers operate and monitor machines that produce plastic products.


Blacksmiths work with different metals to make and repair decorative, industrial and everyday items.