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Job families
Job families

Machine printer

Machine printers set up, operate and maintain printing presses, and make sure the right materials are used.

Public relations officer

Public relations (PR) officers manage an organisation's public image and reputation.

Banking customer service adviser

Banking customer service advisers provide a face-to-face service in banks and building societies.

Credit controller

Credit controllers help firms get the money they're owed from businesses and individuals.


Farriers prepare and treat horses' feet, and make and fit horseshoes.

Freight forwarder

Freight forwarders organise the transportation of goods and cargo around the UK and overseas.


Astronomers use scientific techniques to study the origin and make-up of the universe.

Import-export clerk

Import-export clerks ship goods to and from the UK by road, rail, air and sea.

Admin assistant

Admin assistants give support to offices by organising meetings, typing documents and updating computer records.

Grants officer

Grants officers look at applications for grants from charities, government or public bodies and decide whether to award funding.

Volunteer organiser

Volunteer organisers recruit, train and manage volunteers.

Pensions administrator

Pensions administrators handle the day-to-day running of pension schemes and life insurance policies.

Garage manager

Garage managers are responsible for the day-to-day running of a garage workshop.

Travel agency manager

Travel agency managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of retail branches. They sell holidays and make sure staff hit sales targets.


Dressmakers create made-to-measure clothing like dresses, trousers and blouses for their customers.

Facilities manager

Facilities managers oversee the operation and maintenance of building systems and services.

Tax adviser

Tax advisers help their clients plan their finances, to make sure they're paying the right amount of tax.

Hotel receptionist

Hotel receptionists make guests feel welcome, manage room bookings (reservations) and deal with requests from guests.


Choreographers design sequences of steps and movements, usually accompanied by music, for dancers and other artists to perform.

Wine merchant

Wine merchants find new wines and buy and market them.