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Job families
Job families

Design and development engineer

Design engineers research and develop ideas and systems for manufacture. They also work to improve the performance and efficiency of existing products.

Her Majesty’s Inspector and Regulatory Inspector

Ofsted inspectors visit, inspect and report on the quality of places of education and learning, and children’s services.


Knitters produce garments, soft furnishings and accessories by hand and on knitting machines.


Bakers make bread, cakes and pastries using machines or by hand.


Electricians fit, service and fix electrical equipment, circuits, machinery and wiring.

IT project manager

IT project managers oversee the development and installation of computer hardware and software systems.

Learning disability nurse

Learning disability nurses promote the health, wellbeing and independence of people with a learning disability.

Assistance dog trainer

Assistance dog trainers and instructors train dogs to help people maintain their independence.


Nurses give care, advice and support to adults who are sick, injured or have physical disabilities.

Insurance claims manager

Insurance claims managers lead claims handler teams to make sure they deal with insurance claims efficiently.

Quality assurance manager

Quality assurance managers make sure a company's products and services meet and maintain set standards.

Systems analyst

Systems analysts look at a company's IT infrastructure and work out where to make improvements.

Research and development manager

Research and development managers lead teams of scientists, engineers and technical staff to create new products and improve existing ones.

Sports coach

Sports coaches teach sports skills to individuals and teams of all sporting abilities.

Head of IT (IT director)

IT directors manage the development of IT systems for their organisation and its customers.

Forensic psychologist

Forensic psychologists explore what makes people commit crimes.

Clinical psychologist

Clinical psychologists help people make positive changes to their thinking and behaviour.

Product designer

Product designers create new products and improve existing ones.

Critical care technologist

Critical care technologists (CCTs) make sure equipment used in the care of critically ill patients is safe and effective.

Quality control assistant

Quality control technicians check that control systems and products meet recognised standards.