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Job families
Job families

Mortgage adviser

Mortgage advisers help people find, and apply for mortgages.

Patent attorney

Patent attorneys decide if it’s worth applying for a patent on a new invention, design or process.

Painter and decorator

Painters and decorators prepare and apply paint, wallpaper and finishes to different surfaces.

Make-up artist

Make-up artists apply make-up and style hair for people appearing on camera or in front of a live audience.


Electroplaters apply protective metal coatings to parts used in industries like car manufacturing, aerospace and electronics.

Bid writer

Bid writers prepare documents used to pitch for contracts to provide services, or to apply for project funding.

Paint sprayer

Paint sprayers apply coatings and protective finishes to cars, vans, motorbikes and other vehicles.


Reflexologists apply pressure to certain parts of the feet (reflexes), which they believe can help with relaxation and wellbeing.

Civil service executive officer

Civil service executive officers manage departments that develop government policies and provide services to the public.

Sports scientist

Sports scientists use knowledge of how the body works to help people improve their health or sporting ability.


Coroners look into deaths from unnatural or unknown causes, or those that have happened suddenly or in prison or police custody.

French polisher

French polishers use traditional skills to treat wood and restore furniture and items like staircases, doors and musical instruments.

Assistant immigration officer

Assistant immigration officers check that people have the right to visit or stay in the UK

Healthcare science assistant

Healthcare science assistants support healthcare science professionals.

Prison officer

Prison officers supervise and rehabilitate inmates in prisons, remand centres and young offenders' institutions.

Border force officer

Border Force officers secure the UK border by carrying out immigration and customs controls for people and goods entering the UK.

Prison governor

Prison governors manage the security of prisons, remand centres and young offenders' institutions.

Pattern grader

Pattern graders take original clothing designs and adapt the measurements to produce a range of different garment sizes.

Podiatry assistant

Podiatry assistants provide general foot treatments and nail care under the supervision of a podiatrist.

RAF non-commissioned aircrew

RAF non-commissioned aircrew carry out air patrols over UK airspace and take part in NATO operations.