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Job families
Job families

Teaching assistant

Teaching assistants support teachers and help children develop.


Ecologists study the relationship between plants, animals and the environment.

Colour therapist

Colour therapists believe it’s possible to use colour to to help physical, mental or emotional problems by balancing energy.


Bricklayers build houses, repair walls and chimneys, and refurbish decorative stonework. They also work on restoration projects.

RAF airman or airwoman

Royal Air Force (RAF) airmen and airwomen use specialist skills for mostly ground support roles in defence and peacekeeping missions.

Diplomatic service officer

Diplomatic service officers help to promote and protect British interests, businesses and citizens overseas.


Pathologists are doctors who diagnose disease by examining cells and tissue samples, and sometimes performing autopsies.

Health play specialist

Health play specialists understand child development and use therapeutic play activities to help children cope when in hospital.

Insurance underwriter

Insurance underwriters decide whether to insure a person or company, and set out the details of insurance policies.

Ambulance care assistant

Ambulance care assistants take patients to and from hospital for appointments.

TV or film production runner

Film and TV runners work behind the scenes, doing small jobs and basic tasks to help the production run smoothly.

Environmental health officer

Environmental health officers make sure people's surroundings are safe, healthy and hygienic.


Bailiffs visit properties to collect debts, serve a court document or give a notice or summons.


Choreographers design sequences of steps and movements, usually accompanied by music, for dancers and other artists to perform.

Civil Service administrative officer

Civil Service administrative officers work in government departments to implement policy and run services for the public.

Motorsport engineer

Motorsport engineers design, build and test racing cars and bikes.

Pet behaviour counsellor

Pet behaviour counsellors help pet owners deal with animal behaviour problems.

Waste plant manager

Waste plant managers oversee the day-to-day operations of waste facilities, recycling plants and landfill sites.

Palliative care assistant

Palliative care assistants provide specialist end of life care and support to patients and their families.

Train driver

Train drivers operate trains on rail networks, making sure that passengers and freight get to where they're going safely and on time.