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Job families
Job families


Electricians fit, service and fix electrical equipment, circuits, machinery and wiring.

Plastics process worker

Plastics process workers operate and monitor machines that produce plastic products.


Knitters produce garments, soft furnishings and accessories by hand and on knitting machines.


Bakers make bread, cakes and pastries using machines or by hand.

Digital marketing officer

Digital marketing officers promote brands, products and services through social media, websites and apps.

Environmental health officer

Environmental health officers make sure people's surroundings are safe, healthy and hygienic.

Dental hygienist

Dental hygienists offer advice, information and treatments to prevent and treat tooth decay and gum disease.

Laboratory technician

Laboratory technicians support scientists and help carry out tests, research and investigations.

Industrial cleaner

Industrial cleaners clear up after fires, floods, crime scenes and road accidents.

Substance misuse outreach worker

Substance misuse outreach workers encourage people to get help from local support services, and advise them on minimising risks to health.

Learning disability nurse

Learning disability nurses help people with a learning disability to live as independently as possible.

Children's nurse

Children's nurses provide care for children and young people with acute or long-term health problems.


Nurses give care, advice and support to adults who are sick, injured or have physical disabilities.

Insurance risk surveyor

Insurance risk surveyors carry out surveys of items that need to be insured.

Chemical plant process operator

As a chemical plant operator, you'll control machinery that makes chemical products, including paints, cleaning fluids and cosmetics.

Building services engineer

Building services engineers design, install and service equipment and systems in buildings like offices and shops.

Horse groom

Horse grooms look after horses’ everyday needs, and make sure they’re healthy and in good condition.

Health records clerk

Health records clerks keep people's medical records up to date.


Physiotherapists work with patients to improve their range of movement and promote health and wellbeing.

Healthcare assistant

Healthcare assistants help look after patients in hospitals or in patients’ own homes.