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Job families
Job families

Farm secretary

Farm secretaries are responsible for the day-to-day running of the business side of farms.

Business adviser

Business advisers give advice and support to help new businesses to start up and established businesses to grow.

School business manager

School business managers are the senior financial and administrative managers in their schools.

Postman or postwoman

Postmen and postwomen sort letters and packages for delivery to homes and businesses.

Car rental agent

Car rental agents look after the administration and enquiries involved with renting vehicles to businesses and the public.

GP practice manager

GP practice managers run the business side of doctors' surgeries and health centres.

Business project manager

Business project managers plan and organise people, tasks and resources to complete a project on time and within budget.

Entertainment agent

Entertainment agents promote careers in the entertainment industry and manage performers' and other professionals' business affairs.

Credit controller

Credit controllers help firms get the money they're owed from businesses and individuals.

Sales administrator

Sales administrators process sales orders and payments, arrange deliveries and offer after-sales support.

Economic development officer

Economic development officers work with communities, local government and business to bring investment, jobs and facilities to an area.

Diplomatic service officer

Diplomatic service officers help to promote and protect British interests, businesses and citizens overseas.

Riding holiday centre manager

Riding centre managers plan and run the centre’s activities, manage staff and develop the business.

Admin assistant

Admin assistants give support to offices by organising meetings, typing documents and updating computer records.

Insurance account manager

Insurance account managers develop business accounts and increase sales of their company's insurance products.

Land and property valuer and auctioneer

Valuers and auctioneers advise individuals and businesses that buy, sell and rent land and property.


Handypersons carry out minor repairs and small jobs in people's homes and businesses.

Private practice accountant

Private practice accountants help people and businesses manage their money effectively.

Accounting technician

Accounting technicians handle day-to-day financial matters in all types of business.

Travel agent

Travel agents book and plan business and leisure travel for customers.