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Job families
Job families

Architectural technologist

Architectural technologists manage all stages of the technical design and planning process of building projects.


Shopfitters make and install fixtures and fittings in offices, restaurants, shops and bars.

Cycling coach

Cycling coaches help riders develop their cycling technique and understand more about cycling.

Heating and ventilation engineer

Heating and ventilation engineers install and service heating and air conditioning in large buildings like factories, schools and hospitals.

Technical surveyor

Technical surveyors carry out tasks to support chartered surveyors, architects and engineers.

Boat builder

Boat builders carry out boat repairs and maintenance, refits and conversions, and build vessels from scratch.

Pipe fitter

Pipe fitters install industrial pipework, valves and pumps in factories, commercial premises and large buildings like power stations.

Cement maker

Cement makers turn raw materials like limestone into building products.

CAD technician

Computer-aided design (CAD) technicians use software to design buildings, machinery, goods and components.


Plasterers prepare walls and ceilings for decoration and finishing.


Tilers cover walls or floors with tiles, in areas like kitchens, bathrooms, shops, hotels and restaurants.

Building services engineer

Building services engineers design, install and service equipment and systems in buildings like offices and shops.

Refrigeration and air-conditioning installer

Refrigeration and air-conditioning installers work on air quality and cooling systems in buildings and transport.

Wood machinist

Wood machinists cut and prepare timber.

Electrical engineer

Electrical engineers design, build and maintain electrical systems, machinery and equipment.

Town planning assistant

Town planning assistants process planning applications, advise the public about regulations and carry out computer design work and office administration.


Roofers re-slate and tile roofs, fit skylight windows and replace lead sheeting and cladding.

Health and safety adviser

Health and safety advisers work to reduce accidents, injury and health problems in the workplace.

Lift engineer

Lift engineers install, refurbish, service and repair lifts and escalators.

Coal miner

Coal miners operate the machinery that extracts coal and other minerals from opencast or surface mines.