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Job families
Job families


Knitters produce garments, soft furnishings and accessories by hand and on knitting machines.

TV or film producer

TV and film producers look after the business side of productions.

Clothing presser

Clothing pressers use steam irons and vacuum presses to shape garments and remove, or add, creases.

TV or film director

TV and film directors lead the creative and technical production for cinema and television.

TV or film production manager

Production managers take care of the business, financial and recruitment side of film and television productions.


Animators bring drawings and computer generated characters to life on screen.

Director of photography

Directors of photography manage lighting and camera crews on TV and film productions to create the right look and feel for images.

TV or film assistant director

Assistant directors support directors by organising and planning everything on TV or film sets.

Textiles production manager

Textiles production managers look after all stages of textile manufacturing.

Computer games tester

Computer games testers play computer games to check they work properly. They find and record problems or bugs.

Clothing alteration hand

Clothing alteration hands adjust and repair garments and clothes.


Professional footballers play for their club or national team, travelling around the UK and abroad.


Screenwriters write the stories for feature films, TV programmes and computer games.

Garment technologist

Garment technologists choose the right fabrics and designs for manufacturers to make clothes at a set cost.

Textile designer

Textile designers create fabric designs and patterns for woven, knitted and printed materials for clothes or interior furnishings.

TV presenter

TV presenters work in television, introducing and hosting programmes, interviewing people and reporting on issues and events.