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Job families
Job families


Geoscientists study the Earth's structure and formation, and analyse rocks to explore its natural mineral and energy resources.

Horse groom

Horse grooms look after horses’ everyday needs, and make sure they’re healthy and in good condition.

Community transport driver

Community transport drivers provide a door-to-door service for people who can’t easily use public transport.

Construction labourer

Construction labourers carry out a range of manual jobs on building sites.


Receptionists are the first point of contact for visitors to organisations.


Bakers make bread, cakes and pastries using machines or by hand.

Farm worker

Farm workers do agricultural work with livestock, crops or machinery.

Family support worker

Family support workers help and advise families with long- or short-term difficulties.

Public relations officer

Public relations (PR) officers manage an organisation's public image and reputation.


Sub-editors check written content before it’s published in newspapers, magazines and on websites.

Train conductor

Train conductors issue tickets to rail passengers and make sure that their journeys are safe and comfortable.

Sewing machinist

Sewing machinists stitch pieces of material together to make clothing, accessories and soft furnishings.

Probation officer

Probation officers supervise people serving community and prison sentences, and help them to stay away from crime.


Gamekeepers manage countryside used for shooting and fishing.


Roundspeople deliver and sell goods and services to homes and businesses, usually from a van.

Horticultural manager

A horticultural manager grows plants commercially for use in parks, gardens and public spaces.

TV presenter

TV presenters work in television, introducing and hosting programmes, interviewing people and reporting on issues and events.

Recycling operative

Recycling operatives collect recyclable materials like glass, paper, plastics and metals from homes and businesses, and sort them at waste collection sites.

Rural surveyor

Rural surveyors value the assets of farms and estates, advise clients on legal and tax issues, and plan and develop land use.


Baristas make and serve coffee in cafes, coffee shop chains, restaurants and hotels.