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Job families
Job families

Fingerprint officer

Fingerprint officers check and compare fingerprints taken from crime scenes.

Timber yard worker

Timber yard workers sort and label timber stock, cut wood to size, and make up and deliver orders for customers.

Fence installer

Fence installers fit and repair fences and fence gates.

Warehouse worker

Warehouse workers take delivery of goods for storage and pack orders for dispatch.

IT service engineer

IT engineers install and repair computer systems and equipment.

RAF officer

RAF officers lead and manage teams of airmen and airwomen. They also carry out flying duties or work in specialist ground duties.

Newspaper or magazine editor

Newspaper and magazine editors manage the style and content of printed publications.


Solicitors advise clients about the law and act on their behalf in legal matters.

Builders' merchant

Builders' merchants sell building and do-it-yourself products and materials to the building trade and the public.

Waiting staff

Waiting staff serve customers in restaurants and cafes by taking orders and payment, serving food and preparing tables.

Car salesperson

As a car salesperson you'll sell new and used cars, vans or motorbikes.


Chefs prepare, cook and present food.

British sign language interpreter

British sign language (BSL) interpreters help deaf and hearing people communicate with one another.

Civil service executive officer

Civil service executive officers manage departments that develop government policies and provide services to the public.

Finance officer

Finance officers help to manage the finances of an organisation by keeping track of its income and controlling its spending.

Rail track maintenance worker

Rail track maintenance workers inspect and repair railway tracks, bridges, tunnels and viaducts.

Local government revenues officer

Revenues and benefits officers work for local councils and deal with housing benefits, rents, council tax and business rates.

Pest control technician

Pest control technicians identify and get rid of pests like rats, mice and cockroaches.

Hotel receptionist

Hotel receptionists make guests feel welcome, manage room bookings (reservations) and deal with requests from guests.

Paper maker

Paper makers make a range of paper products, including tissue and heavy board, from wood and recycled materials.