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Job families
Job families

Sports scientist

Sports scientists use knowledge of how the body works to help people improve their health or sporting ability.

Sport and exercise psychologist

Sport and exercise psychologists study the mental and emotional effects of taking part in sport and exercise.

Fitness instructor

Fitness instructors organise exercise programmes to improve people's health and fitness.

Yoga teacher

Yoga teachers teach yoga as a form of exercise to increase fitness and well-being.

Swimming teacher

Swimming teachers help people develop swimming skills and techniques, and to exercise in water.

Pilates teacher

Pilates teachers help clients change and improve their body strength and posture through breathing, stretching and conditioning exercises.


Naturopaths believe in improving their clients' health through natural therapies and education about lifestyle, diet and exercise.

Bomb disposal technician

Bomb disposal technicians identify, defuse and destroy explosive devices.

Royal Marines Officer

Royal Marines Officers lead teams of Commandos in combat situations, at sea and on land.

RAF non-commissioned aircrew

RAF non-commissioned aircrew carry out air patrols over UK airspace and take part in NATO operations.

Yoga therapist

Yoga therapists use yoga to help people with physical issues, emotional issues or specific health problems.

Personal trainer

Personal trainers help their clients reach their personal health and fitness goals.

Colour therapist

Colour therapists believe it’s possible to use colour to to help physical, mental or emotional problems by balancing energy.

Racehorse trainer

Racehorse trainers run racing stables, manage staff, look after horses’ training and welfare, and help them prepare for races.


Soldiers take part in peacekeeping missions, supporting humanitarian efforts or fighting in combat zones around the world.

Army officer

Army officers command, manage and motivate teams of soldiers.

Physiotherapy assistant

Physiotherapy assistants help physiotherapists work with patients to restore or improve movement.


Jockeys are sports professionals who ride racehorses at race meetings for horse trainers and owners.

Motor mechanic

Motor mechanics repair and service cars and vans.

RAF officer

RAF officers lead and manage teams of airmen and airwomen. They also carry out flying duties or work in specialist ground duties.