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Job families
Job families


Blacksmiths work with different metals to create decorative, industrial and everyday items.

Exhibition designer

Exhibition designers work with organisations and individuals to turn their ideas into engaging displays.

Antique Dealer

Antique dealers buy and sell old objects and collectors' items.

Footwear designer

Footwear designers create new designs and sample patterns for men's, women's and children's footwear.

French polisher

French polishers use traditional skills to treat wood and restore furniture and items like staircases, doors and musical instruments.

Copy Editor

Copy editors check text before it's published in books, journals and websites.

Mental health nurse

Mental health nurses work in hospitals and the community, to support people with a range of mental health issues.

Web editor

Web editors research, write and manage an organisation’s online content, including text, images, video and other media.

Advertising account planner

Advertising account planners develop and plan advertising campaigns to make sure they reach the right audience.


Signmakers design, make and fit signs for commercial and non-commercial use.

Printing assistant

Printing assistants work in all stages of the print process.

Photographic technician

Photographic technicians produce images from digital files.

Dance movement psychotherapist

Dance movement psychotherapists use dance and movement to help people deal with emotional, psychological and physical issues.

Stunt performer

Stunt performers stand in for actors when the script calls for anything dangerous or specialised to be done on a film or TV set.

Fashion model

Fashion models advertise clothes and accessories by modelling at events like catwalk shows, and appearing in photographs for magazines, newspapers and digital media.

Retail jeweller

Retail jewellers promote and sell a range of jewellery to customers.

Advertising account executive

Advertising account executives provide the link between an advertising agency and its clients.

Stage manager

Stage managers makes sure the sets, equipment and props are ready for the opening of a performance.

Newspaper or magazine editor

Newspaper and magazine editors manage the style and content of printed publications.


Archaeologists learn about the past by studying sites and excavating, classifying, recording and preserving objects.