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Job families
Job families

Scenes of crime officer

Scenes of crime officers (SOCOs) find, record and recover evidence from crime scenes.


Dentists diagnose and treat teeth and mouth problems, and work to prevent dental disease and promote oral health.


Soldiers defend the interests of the UK by taking part in peacekeeping missions, supporting humanitarian efforts, or fighting in combat zones around the world.

Yard person

Yard people load and unload deliveries and re-order stocks at factory warehouses, building supplies and retail distribution companies.

Bomb disposal technician

Bomb disposal technicians identify, defuse and destroy explosive devices.

Diplomatic service officer

Diplomatic service officers help to promote and protect British interests, businesses and citizens overseas.

Army officer

Army officers command, manage and motivate teams of soldiers.

Laboratory technician

Laboratory technicians support scientists and help carry out tests, research and investigations.

Fingerprint officer

Fingerprint officers check and compare fingerprints taken from crime scenes.

Data analyst-statistician

Data analyst-statisticians identify trends, create models, collect numerical information and present results.

Dance movement psychotherapist

Dance movement psychotherapists use dance and movement to help people deal with emotional, psychological and physical issues.

Private practice accountant

Private practice accountants help people and businesses manage their money effectively.

Weighbridge operator

Weighbridge operators check delivery paperwork and record the weight of lorries arriving and leaving the depot, factory or site.

Royal Marines Commando

Royal Marines Commandos take part in frontline combat, and are sent at short notice to deal with emergency situations.

Food packaging operative

Food packaging operatives work on production lines to put food and drink products into containers, cans or packets.

Stock control assistant

Stock control assistants keep track of stock levels and make sure there are enough supplies to meet customer demand.

Timber yard worker

Timber yard workers sort and label timber stock, cut wood to size, and make up and deliver orders for customers.

Supply chain manager

Supply chain managers organise the movement of goods and materials from suppliers and manufacturers to customers.

Dog handler

Dog handlers work with a specially trained dog to help prevent and detect crime, find lost or missing people or protect property.

Paint sprayer

Paint sprayers apply coatings and protective finishes to cars, vans, motorbikes and other vehicles.