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Job families
Job families

Massage therapist

Massage therapists manipulate clients' muscles and soft tissues to help them relax, treat sports injuries, and give relief to people with long-term health conditions.

Substance misuse outreach worker

Substance misuse outreach workers encourage people to seek help from local support services, and advise them how to minimise risks to their health.

Palliative care assistant

Palliative care assistants provide specialist end of life care and support to patients and their families.

Clinical scientist

Clinical scientists research and develop techniques and equipment to help prevent, diagnose and treat illness.

Analytical textile technologist

Analytical textile technologists produce technical textiles for industries like automotive and healthcare.


Dietitians diagnose and treat people with nutrition problems, and help people make healthy lifestyle and diet decisions.

Healthcare assistant

Healthcare assistants help look after patients in hospitals or in patients’ own homes.

Medical physicist

Medical physicists are specialists in healthcare science, also known as clinical science.

Healthcare science assistant

Healthcare science assistants support healthcare science professionals.

Biomedical scientist

Biomedical scientists test samples from patients, to support doctors and healthcare professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Horse groom

Horse grooms look after horses’ everyday needs, and make sure they’re healthy and in good condition.

Sports development officer

Sports development officers organise projects and training to encourage people to take part in sport and have a healthier lifestyle.

District nurse

District nurses care for people outside of hospital in patients’ homes, GP surgeries and in residential care homes.

Anatomical pathology technician

Anatomical pathology technicians help pathologists carry out post-mortems in mortuaries.

Body piercer

Body piercers pierce parts of clients' bodies with a needle and then insert different types of jewellery or metal.


You’ll work with a team of specialists to diagnose and treat eye problems.

Alexander technique teacher

Alexander technique teachers work with clients to improve their posture and movement, with the aim of increasing physical fitness and helping mental wellbeing.

Ambulance care assistant

Ambulance care assistants take patients to and from hospital for appointments.

Cognitive behavioural therapist

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) practitioners use talking therapy to help patients change negative patterns of thinking or behaviour.

Speech and language therapy assistant

Speech and language therapy assistants help support people who have difficulties with communication, or with eating, drinking or swallowing.