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Job families
Job families

Yoga therapist

Yoga therapists use yoga to help people with physical issues, emotional issues or specific health problems.

Medical herbalist

Medical herbalists use plants and herbal remedies to help improve their clients' health and wellbeing.

Mechanical engineer

Mechanical engineers develop and design the components and machinery used in manufacturing, construction, water, power, health and transport.


Optometrists test vision, identify eye health problems, prescribe glasses and fit contact lenses.

Massage therapist

Massage therapists manipulate clients' muscles and soft tissues to help them relax, treat sports injuries, and give relief to people with long-term health conditions.

Careers adviser

Careers advisers help people make decisions about their education, training and work options.

Substance misuse outreach worker

Substance misuse outreach workers encourage people to seek help from local support services, and advise them how to minimise risks to their health.

Operating department practitioner

Operating department practitioners (ODP) support operating theatre staff and provide care to patients at all stages of an operation.

Practice nurse

Practice nurses work in GP practices to assess, screen, treat and educate patients, and help doctors give medical care.


Midwives give care and support to pregnant women and their babies, before, during and after childbirth.

Tree surgeon

Tree surgeons carry out all kinds of tree work including planting, felling, care and maintenance, and hazard assessments.

Podiatry assistant

Podiatry assistants provide general foot treatments and nail care under the supervision of a podiatrist.

District nurse

District nurses care for people outside of hospital in patients’ homes, GP surgeries and in residential care homes.

Palliative care assistant

Palliative care assistants provide specialist end of life care and support to patients and their families.

Ambulance care assistant

Ambulance care assistants take patients to and from hospital for appointments.


Prosthetists and orthotists provide care for people who need an artificial limb (prosthesis) or a device to support or control part of the body (orthosis).


Nurses give care, advice and support to adults who are sick, injured or have physical disabilities.

Maternity support worker

Maternity support workers help midwives provide care to women and their babies, before, during and after childbirth.

Dental nurse

Dental nurses help dentists to care for their patients, and may also carry out reception work and other tasks.

Nursery manager

Nursery managers run early years childcare centres, providing day care for babies and young children from birth to 5 years.