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Job families
Job families

Waiting staff

Waiting staff serve customers in restaurants and cafes by taking orders and payment, serving food and preparing tables.

Cruise ship steward

Cruise ship stewards clean and service cabins on board cruise ships.

Order picker

Order pickers select the products that online customers choose.

Museum curator

Museum curators manage collections of objects of artistic, scientific, historical and general interest.

Religious leader

Religious (or faith) leaders offer spiritual and moral guidance, and lead public worship and other religious ceremonies.


Handypersons carry out minor repairs and small jobs in people's homes and businesses.

Police officer

A police officer keeps law and order, investigates crime and supports crime prevention.

Pattern grader

Pattern graders take original clothing designs and adapt the measurements to produce a range of different garment sizes.

Retail manager

Retail managers look after stores, motivate staff to achieve sales targets, organise promotional events and monitor industry trends.

Furniture restorer

Furniture restorers repair and conserve modern and antique pieces of furniture.

Food packaging operative

Food packaging operatives work on production lines to put food and drink products into containers, cans or packets.

Art gallery curator

Art gallery curators manage collections of paintings and objects.

TV or film production assistant

Production assistants support producers in making film or TV programmes.

Kiln attendant

Kiln attendants oversee the firing process for clay and ceramic products like tableware, bricks and tiles.

Insurance loss adjuster

Insurance loss adjusters investigate large or complicated claims for insurance companies.

Consumer scientist

Consumer scientists study why people use or buy products and services, and give advice to retailers and manufacturers.


Archivists look after and preserve collections of historical records and documents.

Timber yard worker

Timber yard workers sort and label timber stock, cut wood to size, and make up and deliver orders for customers.

Cemetery worker

Cemetery workers prepare and maintain graves and memorial sites.

Taxi driver

Taxi or private hire drivers pick up passengers and charge fares to take them to their destination by the quickest route.