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Job families
Job families

Arboricultural officer

Arboricultural officers maintain and manage trees for local councils or arboricultural contractors.

Road transport manager

Road transport managers make sure goods and passengers reach their destinations safely, on time and in the most cost-effective way.

Chief inspector

Chief inspectors manage operational teams in their districts like CID or neighbourhood policing, and coordinate responses to major incidents.


Librarians run public and private libraries, managing access to books, multi-media resources and computers.


Architects design new buildings and the spaces around them, and work on the restoration and conservation of existing buildings.

Market trader

Market traders sell goods like food or clothing, or services like mobile phone repairs, from street stalls or indoor markets.

Private investigator

Private investigators carry out enquiries for their clients to find out information and check facts.


Embalmers preserve and prepare bodies from the time of death until they can be buried or cremated.

Family mediator

Family mediators help divorcing or separating couples reach agreement without having to go to court.

Trade mark attorney

Trade mark attorneys advise clients about registering and protecting designs and trade marks.


Bookmakers organise gambling activities in betting offices, at racetracks or online.

Forensic computer analyst

Forensic computer analysts investigate computer-based crime (cyber crime).

Pensions administrator

Pensions administrators handle the day-to-day running of pension schemes and life insurance policies.

Driving instructor

Driving instructors teach people the skills and knowledge they need to drive safely and pass their driving test.

Education welfare officer

Education welfare officers ensure that children attend school and get the support they need.

Land and property valuer and auctioneer

Valuers and auctioneers advise individuals and businesses that buy, sell and rent land and property.

Immigration adviser (non-government)

Immigration advisers give advice on asylum claims, nationality, citizenship, deportation and employment, and represent clients in court.


Sub-editors check written content before it’s published in newspapers, magazines and on websites.

Library assistant

Library assistants help librarians to manage the day-to-day running of a library.


Archivists look after and preserve collections of historical records and documents.