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Job families
Job families

Web content manager

Web content managers are responsible for the information that goes on a company's website.

Radio broadcast assistant

Radio broadcast assistants help make sure that live and recorded radio programmes run smoothly.

Web designer

Web designers use their creative and technical skills to design new websites and redesign existing ones.

Entertainment agent

Entertainment agents promote the careers and manage the business affairs of performers and other professionals in the entertainment industry.

Editorial assistant

Editorial assistants provide support at all stages of the publication process for books, journals, magazines and online content.

Studio sound engineer

Sound engineers work in studios and make recordings of music, speech and sound effects.

Broadcast journalist

Broadcast journalists research and present news stories and factual programmes on TV, radio and the internet.


Animators bring drawings and computer generated characters to life on screen.

Audio visual technician

Audio-visual technicians install and operate visual, sound and lighting equipment at venues like conference centres, art galleries or schools.


Palaeontologists study the fossils of plants and animals.


Proofreaders check text before it's printed or published to make sure it's correct and complete.

Beauty therapist

Beauty therapists carry out face and body treatments to help clients look and feel better.


Chemists study chemicals and materials and how they behave under different conditions.


MPs represent people's concerns and interests in the House of Commons.


Coroners look into deaths from unnatural or unknown causes, or those that have happened suddenly or in prison or police custody.

TV or film assistant director

Assistant directors support directors by organising and planning everything on TV or film sets.

Marketing executive

Marketing executives promote a company's products, services or brand.


Sub-editors check written content before it’s published in newspapers, magazines and on websites.

Copy Editor

Copy editors check text before it's published in books, journals and websites.

Recycling officer

Recycling officers promote recycling in the community, and run local recycling schemes.