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Job families
Job families

Sales administrator

Sales administrators process sales orders and payments, arrange deliveries and offer after-sales support.


Typists use a computer to produce letters, reports and other documents.

Pilates teacher

Pilates teachers help clients change and improve their body strength and posture through breathing, stretching and conditioning exercises.


DJs play music for audiences at venues, or on the radio.


Baristas make and serve coffee in cafes, coffee shop chains, restaurants and hotels.

School secretary

School secretaries provide administrative support in schools.


Secretaries provide administrative support for all types of organisations.


Physiotherapists work with patients to improve their range of movement and promote health and wellbeing.

Local government administrative assistant

Local government administrative assistants provide clerical support in council departments and give information to the public.

Yoga teacher

Yoga teachers teach yoga as a form of exercise to increase fitness and well-being.


Telephonists, or switchboard operators, answer and connect calls and take messages.


Stockbrokers manage their clients' investments by trading stocks, shares and other financial products to get the best return.

Ambulance care assistant

Ambulance care assistants take patients to and from hospital for appointments.

Dry cleaner

Dry cleaners use chemicals and solvents to clean clothes and other items that can't be washed in the normal way.

Counter service assistant

Counter service assistants greet, serve and take payment from customers buying food and drink.


Bailiffs visit properties to collect debts, serve a court document or give a notice or summons.

Airport baggage handler

Airport baggage handlers load and unload luggage and cargo from aircraft.

Rail engineering technician

Rail engineering technicians install and service mechanical and electrical systems on trains.


Plasterers prepare walls and ceilings for decoration and finishing.

Delivery van driver

Delivery van drivers collect a wide range of items and deliver them to customers.