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Job families
Job families

Forensic scientist

Forensic scientists prepare traces of physical evidence for use in courts of law.

Clothing presser

Clothing pressers use steam irons and vacuum presses to shape garments and remove, or add, creases.

Museum curator

Museum curators manage collections of objects of artistic, scientific, historical and general interest.


Choreographers design sequences of steps and movements, usually accompanied by music, for dancers and other artists to perform.


Dentists diagnose and treat teeth and mouth problems, and work to prevent dental disease and promote oral health.

Art therapist

Art therapists help people express difficult thoughts and feelings through creative activities.


Fishmongers sell fish and seafood products, and advise customers on how to prepare them.


Farriers prepare and treat horses' feet, and make and fit horseshoes.


Reflexologists apply pressure to certain parts of the feet (reflexes), which they believe can help with relaxation and wellbeing.


Bookkeepers keep financial records up to date and help prepare accounts.

Picture framer

Picture framers mount items like photographs, artwork or other objects for display.

Health visitor

Health visitors promote healthy lifestyles and prevent illness by visiting people in their homes.

Wood machinist

Wood machinists cut and prepare timber.

Data analyst-statistician

Data analyst-statisticians identify trends, create models, collect numerical information and present results.


Embalmers preserve and prepare bodies from the time of death until they can be buried or cremated.

Criminal intelligence analyst

Criminal intelligence analysts find and analyse data to help detect and prevent crime, and to protect the security of the UK.


Archivists look after and preserve collections of historical records and documents.


Butchers prepare and sell meat and poultry, and make meat products like sausages, burgers and pies.

Waiting staff

Waiting staff serve customers in restaurants and cafes by taking orders and payment, serving food and preparing tables.


Chefs prepare, cook and present food.