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Job families
Job families

Healthcare science assistant

Healthcare science assistants support healthcare science professionals.

Medical physicist

Medical physicists are specialists in healthcare science, also known as clinical science.

Education technician

Education technicians support science, art, IT or design and technology teachers by preparing equipment and materials for practical lessons.


Nanotechnologists design and build devices and materials on a tiny scale.

Merchant Navy engineering officer

Merchant navy engineering officers maintain the mechanical and electrical machinery and instruments on board a ship.

Aerospace engineering technician

Aerospace engineering technicians design, build, test and repair civil and military aircraft.

Research scientist

Research scientists plan and carry out experiments and investigations to broaden scientific knowledge.

Materials engineer

Materials engineers research the behaviour of materials used in industry to help make them stronger, lighter or more durable.

Fingerprint officer

Fingerprint officers check and compare fingerprints taken from crime scenes.

Civil engineer

Civil engineers design and manage construction projects, from bridges and buildings to transport links and sports stadiums.


Oceanographers study the seas and oceans.

Clinical scientist

Clinical scientists research and develop techniques and equipment to help prevent, diagnose and treat illness.

Manufacturing systems engineer

Manufacturing systems engineers design and install manufacturing equipment and assembly production lines.


Botanists study all forms of plant life.

Food manufacturing inspector

Food manufacturing inspectors make sure companies meet hygiene and safety standards, and that products are safe to eat.

Horticultural worker

Horticultural workers grow and sell plants in garden centres, or tend to plants in parks and gardens.

Fish farmer

Fish farmers work in small teams to breed and rear fish and shellfish, and harvest them for market.

Biomedical scientist

Biomedical scientists test patient samples, supporting doctors and healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat disease.

Packaging technologist

Packaging technologists design and develop packaging for different products.

Land surveyor

Land surveyors measure the shape of the land, and gather data for civil engineering and construction projects.