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Job families
Job families

Fish farmer

Fish farmers work in small teams to breed and rear fish and shellfish, and harvest them for market.

Electrical engineering technician

Electrical engineering technicians install, repair and maintain electrical equipment and controls.

Packaging technologist

Packaging technologists design and develop packaging for different products.

Food scientist

Food scientists and food technologists develop food and drink products, making sure they are safe to consume.

Land surveyor

Land surveyors measure the shape of the land, and gather data for civil engineering and construction projects.

Engineering maintenance technician

Engineering maintenance technicians service and repair electrical and mechanical equipment used in industries like manufacturing, production and transport.

Sports scientist

Sports scientists use knowledge of how the body works to help people improve their health or sporting ability.


Pharmacists provide expert advice on the use and supply of medicines and medical appliances.

Structural engineer

Structural engineers help to design and build large structures and buildings, like hospitals, sports stadiums and bridges.

Mechanical engineering technician

Mechanical engineering technicians design, install and repair industrial plant machinery and parts.


Chemists study chemicals and materials and how they behave under different conditions.

Electrical engineer

Electrical engineers design, build and maintain electrical systems, machinery and equipment.

Civil engineering technician

Civil engineering technicians provide technical support to civil engineers on construction projects.


Psychologists study people's behaviour, motivations, thoughts and feelings, to help them overcome or control their problems.

Electronics engineering technician

Electronics engineering technicians design, build and maintain electronic systems and components.

Engineering construction technician

Engineering construction technicians install, service and repair machines and equipment in buildings, factories and industrial plants.

Chemical engineer

Chemical engineers develop ways to turn raw materials into everyday products.

Quarry engineer

Quarry engineers explore new sites, oversee operations and manage sites at the end of their commercial life.

Technical author

Technical authors write documents and guides that explain how to use products and services.

Dispensing optician

Dispensing opticians give advice on vision care, and supply glasses and contact lenses to suit their customers needs.