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Job families
Job families

Fitness instructor

Fitness instructors organise exercise programmes to improve people's health and fitness.

Martial arts instructor

Martial arts instructors teach martial arts like karate, jujitsu or judo.

Yoga teacher

Yoga teachers teach yoga as a form of exercise to increase fitness and well-being.


Ergonomists help to make sure that equipment and machinery are safe and easy to use.


Bookmakers organise gambling activities in betting offices, at racetracks or online.

Yoga therapist

Yoga therapists use yoga to help people with physical issues, emotional issues or specific health problems.

Outdoor activities instructor

Outdoor activities instructors lead trips and teach skills in activities like hill walking, climbing, canoeing, skiing and snowboarding.

Steel erector

A steel erector assembles the metal framework of buildings and structures like bridges and tunnels.

Materials engineer

Materials engineers research the behaviour of materials used in industry to help make them stronger, lighter or more durable.

Royal Marines Officer

Royal Marines Officers lead teams of Commandos in combat situations, at sea and on land.


Roadies help stage music concerts, setting up before the show, looking after instruments and packing away afterwards.

Heating and ventilation engineer

Heating and ventilation engineers install and service heating and air conditioning in large buildings like factories, schools and hospitals.


Psychologists study people's behaviour, motivations, thoughts and feelings, to help them overcome or control their problems.

Art editor

Art editors use words and images to make magazines look good and easy to read.


Proofreaders check text before it's printed or published to make sure it's correct and complete.

Veterinary physiotherapist

Veterinary physiotherapists work with injured animals, or animals with movement problems, to help reduce pain and improve their health.

Youth worker

Youth workers guide and support young people aged 11 to 25. They organise activities to help with personal and social development.

Architectural technician

Architectural technicians with closely with architectural teams on the design process of building projects.

TV presenter

TV presenters work in television, introducing and hosting programmes, interviewing people and reporting on issues and events.

Special educational needs (SEN) teacher

Special educational needs (SEN) teachers work with children and young people who need extra support.