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Job families
Job families

Healthcare science assistant

Healthcare science assistants support healthcare science professionals.

TV or film production assistant

Production assistants support producers in making film or TV programmes.

Prison instructor

Prison instructors help prisoners to gain skills to help them find employment after their release.

Media researcher

Media researchers support producers by finding information, people and places for television or radio programmes.

Financial adviser

Financial advisers help people and organisations to choose investments, savings, pensions, mortgages or insurance products.

Social services manager

Social services managers plan and coordinate the health, welfare and social care support provided by local authorities and charities.

Admin assistant

Admin assistants give support to offices by organising meetings, typing documents and updating computer records.

Insurance account manager

Insurance account managers develop business accounts and increase sales of their company's insurance products.

Palliative care assistant

Palliative care assistants provide specialist end of life care and support to patients and their families.


Soldiers take part in peacekeeping missions, supporting humanitarian efforts or fighting in combat zones around the world.

Education technician

Education technicians support science, art, IT or design and technology teachers by preparing equipment and materials for practical lessons.


Childminders care for babies, toddlers and children in their own home, supporting their learning and development.

Civil engineering technician

Civil engineering technicians provide technical support to civil engineers on construction projects.

Legal secretary

Legal secretaries provide administrative support for lawyers and legal executives.


Coastguards help prevent the loss of life at sea by supporting search and rescue operations.

Court administrative assistant

Court administrative assistants help with the day-to-day running of courts and their supporting offices.

Building technician

Building technicians support engineers, surveyors and architects on construction projects.

Youth worker

Youth workers guide and support young people aged 11 to 25.


Prosthetists and orthotists care for people who need an artificial limb or a device to support or control part of their body.

Operating department practitioner

Operating department practitioners (ODP) support operating theatre staff and provide care to patients at all stages of an operation.