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Job families
Job families

RSPCA inspector

RSPCA inspectors investigate complaints about animal cruelty, and rescue animals and provide medical treatment.


Writers produce creative work, including novels, children’s books, poetry and travel and technical writing.

Skills for life teacher

Skills for life teachers work with adults and sometimes 16 to 18-year-olds to improve their English and maths.

Medical illustrator

Medical illustrators produce photographs, videos and graphical images for use in health care.

Marketing executive

Marketing executives promote a company's products, services or brand.

Music promotions manager

Music promotions managers publicise recording artists or live music events.

Photographic technician

Photographic technicians produce images from digital files.

Fashion model

Fashion models promote clothing and accessory brands at fashion events and in magazines and digital media.

Media researcher

Media researchers support producers by finding information, people and places for television or radio programmes.

Editorial assistant

Editorial assistants provide support at all stages of the publication process for books, journals, magazines and online content.

Studio sound engineer

Sound engineers work in studios and make recordings of music, speech and sound effects.

Information scientist

Information scientists manage an organisation's information resources and make sure it’s all readily available.

Fine artist

Fine artists create original works of art using methods like painting, drawing and sculpture.


Economists advise government departments, businesses, banks and other organisations about the economy.

Broadcast engineer

Broadcast engineers make sure television, radio and online programmes are broadcast at the right times and are high quality.

Technical architect

Technical architects help plan, design and build IT systems for clients.

IT security coordinator

IT security coordinators protect their clients' data from unauthorised access, theft and misuse.

Wedding planner

Wedding planners help couples have the wedding they want.

Broadcast journalist

Broadcast journalists research and present news stories and factual programmes on TV, radio and the internet.


Palaeontologists study the fossils of plants and animals.